About us

Wooden carved structures, know as ‘HAVELI’, has a unique indentify in the Indian culture.
Presence of Haveli is seen mainly in state of GUJARAT, RAJASTHAN and MAHARASTRA.
Art is integrated in this type of structures seamlessly. Proportions of various elements like columns, beams, arches, zarookha etc. make the building elegant and fabulous, which ultimately becomes a unique ‘Haveli style’.
As a complimentary to Haveli, various interior pieces like ‘Ghar Mandir, Bajoth, Dholiya, Traditional swing (hichaka)’ etc. are designed to enhance Haveli.
This many century old art is rapidly disappearing in current modern age. But head of BAPS, Pramukh Swami Maharaj, has revived and rejuvenated this vanishing art by building Haveli at various BAPS complexes – London, Chicago, Los Angeles, Toronto, Detroit etc.
I am proud that I am a part of the design team in above projects.
Based on my 25 years experience and my hereditary knowledge, we can design and deliver the traditional look ‘HAVELI’ structures. This can be full Haveli structure or may be cladding on existing structure.
We can provide custom made material as per different needs and specifications.

Haresh Chhaniyara

Traditional designer